Tips for Working from Home

Welcome to your new office: Home.

Working from home and can be a very large adjustment, especially if you’re coming from an office full of people, social interaction, and teamwork. So, if you’re new to settling in at your personal residence, let’s discuss some of the essential components to successfully and efficiently work from home.

Communicate with your household:

Set limits upfront. In order to avoid interruptions and distraction, it is important to establish your work schedule with those that may be at home throughout the day. While working from home, communicate your expectations before getting started with work and ask them to respect your time just as if you were still working in the office.

Is this more difficult with the kids at home? Yes. Absolutely. And even more necessary. How do you do this? We are still looking for a universal way to accomplish this. Haha!

Create a personal workspace:

To be the most productive, you’ll need to be in an area that allows you to work efficiently with the least amount of distractions as possible. Find an area that is closed off from other members in the household to prevent interruptions during phone calls, Zoom/Skype meetings, etc. No one wants their shirtless dad to interrupt a live broadcast.  A room with a door is the most ideal, but that’s not always possible. Hanging a curtain and creating your own space can work, as well. It is also important to separate your work area from your personal space, as the two can easily become blended and make working from home more difficult for you and your family members.

Ensure you have the proper equipment:

If you have recently been told that you will need to transition to a temporary work from home situation, make sure you have the equipment to do so and communicate what you need from your employer. Essentials may include a laptop, microphone, webcam, desk, phone, headphones, etc.

Behave like normal:

Wake up and start work at the same time you usually would. Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate tasks or sleep in.  Note: this is harder than it sounds. Additionally, if you typically dress up, wear makeup, etc. for work – keep doing it! As fun as working from home in pajamas is, try to not let this become a habit. Not only will it make it more difficult to return to your typical work-day once COVID-19 is over it will also cause you to become less productive. Additionally, be sure to continue those weekly meetings and check-ins with those you work with. You can also Zoom or text those “water cooler” talks that make work more fun.

Stay organized:

Now that your normal routine has been broken, we need to establish a new one for the time being. Utilize a planner or schedule of some sort to make sure you don’t miss anything you would do in the office. New normal, new planner! Yay!

Have fun while working from home:

How often do you get to work around those you love? Whether it be a roommate, spouse, kids, fur babies, etc., enjoy this time at home. Don’t take it for granted. Eventually, you will return back to the office. So use this time to be productive but enjoy your independence and those around you. Take your lunch break with your loved ones and make the most of this unique situation.

Working from home can be stressful, but it can also be a blessing. What are your tips to make it easier?


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