Aaron Higgins


Aaron Higgins is a focused Business Leader and Process Engineer who has a proven track record in assisting industry leading companies grow their efficiency and user experience.

After spending nearly a decade architecting improvements for prominent supply chain companies, he knows what truly drives productivity. His experience includes the building of a drayage control center, the complete elimination of paper processes in multiple company settings, leading a team of twenty for a rate management company, finance control, as well as design and implementation of multiple websites, with a focus on end user experience and usability.

Aaron Higgins is a sought-out business leader in process design who has continually demonstrated his ability to see the big picture, and identify best practices to implement in iterative approaches in order to gain better results faster.In addition to his supply chain background, Aaron is an entrepreneur who has founded four small businesses, beginning at the age of 22.

Aaron has had a passion for videography since he was young, and has won multiple awards at film festivals over the years. He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his family, which includes his wife and four children, who are his pride and joy. 

Jay Davidson Orion Global Logistics

Jay Davidson

Chief Technology Officer

Jay Davidson is an innovative executive and technology evangelist with a passion for collaboration to translate technology into business value. He is a driven and forward-thinking individual with an extensive experience in leadership, application architecture, application development, strategic planning, quality assurance, user experience, and program management.

Jay has a proven track record of small and large implementations of forward looking architectures in mobile, cloud, distributed and mainframe environments. He has a history of technology leadership and recruiting strong talent that generate innovative business solutions while improving customer satisfaction.

Jay Davidson has a lifelong passion for leveraging innovative technologies to drive business value.

Jen Adair Orion Global Logistics

Jen Adair

Head of Marketing

Jen has spent the past 8 years immersed in content marketing, social media management, and marketing strategy. She has worked with nationally recognized brands to manage their Amazon sales and marketing and keep their social accounts running smoothly. Jen has a heart for entrepreneurs and has helped local companies craft and manage their online presence.

Jen is also a blogger and writes a monthly column for nwamotherlode.com. She has her own blog, which she insists she will get back to soon, called Slightly Tilted Life.

Jen is a member of the Walton College of Business DREAM board. Jen is married with two kids who she loves dearly and who also drive her crazy.

Jamie Martin

Project Manager

Jamie is a tested and proven Business Analyst and Customer Support professional, who grew up and lives in Northwest Arkansas. Having been a child raised behind the counter of her parent’s local small business, Jamie learned the value of hard work and real customer service at a very young age.

Along with her education at the University of Arkansas, this customer service understanding informed her success in her work for the State of Arkansas in the Health and Human Services Department. Here she worked for more than 8 years with families and assisted them with their basic needs during their most difficult times. Having assisted with the implementation of new operating systems at DHS, Jamie brought her process knowledge and experience to the supply chain industry with much success. She oversees system and user experience enhancements for an online chassis leasing site, as well as handles customer inquiries and concerns with resolutions averaging in just minutes.

She is the project lead for multiple initiatives for industry leading companies, and has proven her ability to see project objectives to fruition, and has gained the trust and satisfaction of her peers and customers.

Alyson Schutte


Alyson is currently a senior at the University of Arkansas pursuing degrees in Accounting and Information Systems and a minor in Criminal Justice. In addition to working at Orion, Alyson is very involved on campus. She is currently the President of Leadership Walton, a professional development organization in the Sam M. Walton College that currently has over 450 members. She is also the Chief Operating Officer for Information Systems (AIS). Additionally, Alyson is a Walton College Ambassador and can often be found showing the school to prospective students and their families. She is a Resident Assistant in the recently constructed residence hall, Adohi, in which she is responsible for communicating with and hosting programs for 66 residents.

Alyson is a determined and hard-working individual. She has a passion for marketing and data analytics. She enjoys learning about current events and spends a lot of time outdoors with family and friends.

William Knight

Senior Consultant

William is a multi-talented entrepreneurial and executive manager with 25+ years of experience founding companies in domestic and global marketplaces. He focuses on planning, change and disruptive management and eliminates obstacles to propel organizational performance in complex global environments. William has a reputation for merging crucial resources, streamlining internal processes, and implementing efficiencies to align operations with strategic goals.

He has founded companies in domestic and international marketplaces including chassisfinder.com, a creative solution during a period of intense transition. Additionally, he created Triton Works, the ocean industry’s first exchange for ocean freight rates, and was a partner and founder of Summit Global Logistics, the first third-party logistics company to incorporate American, European, and Chinese companies.

William is a determined and hard-working individual. He has helped transform the international logistics industry and promotes talent development that enables teams to reach maximum potential. He effectively manages teams and carries a positive attitude throughout all aspects of his work. He is dedicated to further logistics evolution and enjoys a challenge.

Ann Dyer

Senior Associate

Ann is an expierenced Supply Chain and Third Party Supply Chain professional. She has over 22 years in the industry and specializes in working with large retailers, private fleet management, and common carriage operation. Ann is highly skilled in working with transportation, logistics, network optimization, and supply chain technology.

She started her career in national account sales with Southeastern Frieght Lines, then began working for McKee Foods as a routing analyst. In 1997, Ann moved her career to Walmart, holding various positions including HR Business Manager, Technology Business Analyst, Buisness Director of Walmart Transportation Technology and Senior Director of Walmart Private Fleet.

Ann is a determined and hard-working individual. She provides insight and perspective to the industry and leads with great impact. She manages procurement and relationships effectively and constantly helps shape team environments. She is dedicated to evolving the future of supply chain and enjoys developing herself and those around her.

Joel Poiron


Joel is an experienced full-stack software developer (based in Canada) with a diverse background in web, mobile, Windows, database, and cloud development.

Previously he has worked with Telerik to create TeamPulse, an agile project management tool, with D2L to build their industry leading learning management system, and as a consultant with Imaginet to work on anything and everything.Joel has become known as a highly flexible developer who gets things done quickly and with high quality. He has a passion for the craft of software engineering and shown a strong commitment to delivering value to stakeholders.

In addition, Joel holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba and a number of Microsoft technology certifications.

Bogdan Rybak


Bogdan is a skilled developer (based in Canada) focused on understanding how users interact with software. His development experience covers a broad range of disciplines including web applications, mobile apps, video games and VR.

Bogdan’s collaborative work approach has been shaped by a successful freelance career and by co-founding a small video game studio. As a freelancer, he has helped clients in a variety of industries such as construction, insurance, and transportation.

Having published a game on PC, PlayStation 4, XBox and Nintendo Switch platforms, he understands the complexities behind releasing, managing, and maintaining software.

Bogdan thrives in small team environments where it’s easy to have free flow of ideas and execute them with attention to detail. He feels lucky for having a long history of collaborating with amazing artists, designers and other developers. He believes those individuals were key ingredient in his broad skillset.

Bogdan feels comfortable producing great looking and feeling user experiences that are backed by well-reasoned code.

Robert Regnier


Robert (based in Canada) has over 25 years in the industry, with the earlier part of his career developing in client-server environments using C and C++ on Windows and UNIX platforms.  Prior to working with Orion, he worked at Momentum Healthware developing industry leading electronic record software for the health care industry.  Before Momentum Healthware Robert worked as a .NET consultant with Imaginet Resources and with large enterprises developing in Java with the SilverStream application server, PowerBuilder and various other technologies.  He is currently developing with the Microsoft suite of tools including .NET Core, C#, MVC, Vue.js and DevOps.  Robert also has strong database experience including Oracle, Postgres, and SQL Server.

Robert understands and utilizes best practices and design patterns in his approach to architecture and development and is a result driven project leader and coordinator with an outstanding record of delivering complex application development projects on time and within budget.  Robert is recognized as an expert in full cycle development project planning and implementation with extensive team leadership skills.

Robert lives on a hobby farm east of Winnipeg, Manitoba and is proud to be fluent is both French and English. 

Dave Harris


Dave is an experienced software developer (based in Canada) with an extensive background in enterprise-level distributed applications for Microsoft systems as well as full-stack javascript solutions built on AWS cloud services. He has designed and developed user interfaces, business object models, database structures, and web services for projects ranging in size from single-user to millions of users, in many locations. He has developed systems designed for internal use as well as externally facing applications, in both Web client interfaces and rich Windows client interfaces.

Dave is continually evolving his skill set and takes great pride in learning new techniques and technologies for use in ongoing or future projects. He also takes pride in working well with other team members, whether locally or remotely, and helping provide an enjoyable and productive team atmosphere. He is willing to both provide leadership and insight as well as eagerly accept new ideas and insights from other members of the team, from senior members to junior. Dave lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and enjoys spending time at the cottage with his wife and two young boys. In his leisure time Dave also enjoys playing hockey, as well as board and card games. 

Justin Wiens


Justin is an experienced software developer (based in Canada) with extensive experience developing enterprise-level software solutions across multiple sectors, including the Commercial Transportation and Manufacturing sectors. He has built-up a depth of experience on both traditional client-server models, as well as building distributed solutions on the Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud services platforms.

Justin is currently developing with Microsoft .NET Core, and has strong experience with many other languages and technologies including Java, PHP, and C/C++. He has strong database experience across Microsoft, Oracle and IBM RDBMS solutions, and is proficient with a variety of environments including Windows Server and Linux-based systems.

As a life-long learner, Justin takes pride in continuously expanding his skillset with new techniques and technologies. An advocate of Agile software development, Justin is passionate about working together with clients and their users to create robust solutions to address business problems and add tangible value.

Justin lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and daughter. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, as well as working on renovation and carpentry projects.