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In our lifetime, technology has changed tremendously.

Today it is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. We’ve been on the forefront of innovation and modernization since the early days of their careers. Our team has a long history of creating and deploying technology solutions that to this day are considered leading edge. Those include founding the first intermodal chassis reservation system and inventing and deploying the only ocean carrier container allocation system.

System Assessment

Staying ahead of the rapid advancement in technology is critical to success. We work with companies to address their efficiency issues to reduce their costs, improve customer experiences, and develop capabilities that allow for innovation and agility.

Technology Acquistion

Every business is different.  Therefore, technology requirements are different.  By understanding your business needs intimately, we help define those requirements, identify appropriate solutions,  and detail the potential effects across your organization.

System Development

As rapidly as technology is changing, and the pace required to keep ahead of your competition quickens, a “canned” solution might not be available, or appropriate, and customized software may be required. We understand this all too well and have a team available to scope, develop, and deploy leading edge technology. 

Migration & Implementation

Orion has a proven track record for successfully implementing cutting edge technologies.  Whether working with your developers or a software provider, our team will effectively manage  your migration or implementation including testing, SOP creation, and end user training. 

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