Who We Are

Orion Global Partners is not your traditional consulting firm.  We are an innovation, transformation, and execution company with a deep history in global logistics.  As the pace of industry change accelerates, we can help you to stay ahead of your competition, because we’ve done it before.  We’ve spent our careers challenging the status quo.  We’re known innovators from industry leading companies with over one hundred combined years of experience.  Our team has a long history of creating and deploying groundbreaking solutions that transform the traditional industry.

Whether it’s process review, growth management strategies, de-risking your supply chain, or project execution, we exist to move you forward.

What We Do


In an industry that is known for volatility and the unknown, having a clear vision and established strategy for your business is critical. Every business is facing new and unique challenges. Having the foresight to plan for your improved tomorrow is growing increasingly more vital to the success of companies. Our team has developed and executed strategies for companies such as Walmart, Maersk, P&O Nedlloyd, APL Logistics, Chassis Finder, and Transplace International.

Development & Execution

Having a clearly established strategy for your business is critical, and execution of that strategy is even more important.  Regardless of whether you are a large multi-national or a startup business, our team will deploy solutions to move you forward.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Are you ready for the next “shock event”?  Whether you have a purely domestic logistics network or a complex international supply chain, Orion has the knowledge, experience, and insight to help you evaluate and reconfigure your supply chain to minimize risk, increase scalability and ensure cost efficiencies.

Operational & Organizational

Whether you need to review and improve existing processes for efficiency and scalability, restructure, or develop and implement entirely new standard operating procedures, our team has a proven track record of building sustainable solutions.

Commercial Strategy

An incredible customer experience results in loyalty and advocacy.  Whether it’s brand strategy, developing sales channels, a go-to-market strategy, or redesigning your customer interactions, including social engagement, we can help you drive top line growth and shareholder return. 

Supply Chain

As supply chains go, no two are identical. Your unique challenges often require a fresh perspective to ensure your organization is ahead of your competitors. Often times the supply chain is neglected and considered a source of expense. But at Orion Global, we see the supply chain as a competitive advantage that when properly utilized, creates efficiencies and improves your cash conversion so you create excess capital to help drive your business to the next level and beyond.


It doesn’t matter if it’s local drayage or a complex global network, it’s more than having the best rates, it’s about putting the right product in the right place at the right time.  With over 100 collective years of sourcing and procuring Ocean, Air, and Land  transportation, our team’s focus is to understand your network, demands, and constraints to help you design and execute programs that increase velocity and agility.  

Warehousing & Distribution

Our team has been instrumental in developing solutions ranging from basic storageimport transload, to concierge services.  Whether you are solving for seasonal peaks, or designing a new network, we have the experience to find and place you with the right partners.

Origin Management

In traditional terms, this would be considered Consolidation, Vendor and PO Management, but we see it as a much more critical part of your Supply Chain.  You need the right partner(s).  Our team has pioneered several programs in Origin Cargo Management and we will ensure you have the right program and service provider(s) to deliver the greatest value.

Assessment & Transformation

The supply chain is being recognized as a competitive advantage in today’s changing marketplace.  Our full-throttle, hands-on review of your business will allow your organization to move forward utilizing a road map for supply chain excellency.   


In our lifetime, technology has changed tremendously. Today it is changing at a more rapid pace than ever before. Our Partners have been on the forefront of innovation and modernization since the early days of their careers. Our team has a long history of creating and deploying technology solutions that to this day are considered leading edge. Those include founding the first intermodal chassis reservation system to inventing and deploying the only ocean carrier container allocation system.  

System Assessment

Staying ahead of the rapid advancement in technology is critical to success.  Underperforming systems has negative effects on your business.  We work with companies to address their efficiency issues to reduce their costs, improve customer experiences, and develop capabilities that allow for innovation and agility.

System Development

As rapidly as technology is changing, and the pace required to keep ahead of your competition quickens, a “canned” solution might not be available, or appropriate, and customized software may be required. We understand this all too well and have a team available to scope, develop, and deploy leading edge technology. 

Technology Acquisition

Every business is different.  Therefore technology requirements are different.  By understanding your business needs intimately, we help define those requirements, identify appropriate solutions,  and detail the potential effects across your organization.


 Orion has a proven track record for successfully implementing cutting edge technologies.  Whether working with your developers or a software provider, our team will effectively manage  your migration or implementation including testing, SOP creation, and end user training. 


A great strategy is worthless without great execution. This has been a driving principle for each of our Founders long before the creation of this company. Whether it is working hand in hand with your team to develop your strategy, or implementing your existing plans, our recognized group of “get it done” leaders has the experience.

Project Management

With the bottom line at stake, “getting it done” is the key to avoiding losses associated with project failures. With a proven track record, we achieve exceptional results through transparency and teamwork, ultimately leading to a successful delivery of your project or program.


Understanding that every situation is different, we ensure success by working intimately with our customers from concept to completion, making sure the Leadership and Organization are aligned for a successful launch.  Our team provides status transparency and develops tools that manage and measure the performance during after implementation.

Business Processes – BPO

Sometimes necessary functions can be a distraction because they are not your core competency.  We help you transform, or create, service operations and deliver incredible customer experiences by providing the management and execution of certain business processes.  This allows you to focus on what you do best, deliver results.

Merger Integration

Combining organizations can be a complex and exhausting process.  Over the years, our leaders have been instrumental in integrating some of the best in class logistics companies.  Our diverse experience allows us to help you navigate through both sides of complicated M&A situations

Change and Transformational Leadership

In today’s environment you must make larger leaps at faster speeds to move ahead or even stay relevant. Therefore, competitive advantage will go to companies that have the ability to establish new priorities and execute new programs at a greater speed than their rivals.  We help organizations develop and implement transformational change programs to improve performance, capabilities, and advantages.

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